Local Pharmaceutical Pioneer: DrsBiopharma

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Orally Disintegrating Film Medicine

Who We Are

In the heart of our community, a pharmaceutical pioneer is leading the way in healthcare innovation: DrsBiopharma. This local pharmaceutical company has gained widespread recognition for its commitment to excellence in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products, with a unique and innovative focus on orally disintegrating film medicines. This exceptional specialization sets DrsBiopharma apart as a true trailblazer in the industry.

Company History and Vision:

Founded in 2023, DrsBiopharma swiftly emerged as a local pharmaceutical powerhouse with a compelling vision. Their mission revolves around creating groundbreaking medicines and healthcare products that enhance the well-being of individuals worldwide. However, what truly sets them apart is their unique emphasis on orally disintegrating film medicines, a niche that has the potential to revolutionize medication delivery.

Orally Disintegrating Film Medicines:

DrsBiopharma’s flagship product line consists of orally disintegrating film medicines. These thin, dissolvable films offer a convenient, discreet, and patient-friendly way to administer medications. They provide an effective solution for individuals who struggle with traditional oral medications, such as those who have difficulty swallowing pills or those requiring quick and accurate dosing.

Manufacturing Excellence:

DrsBiopharma has invested substantially in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, adhering to rigorous regulatory standards. The production of orally disintegrating films demands precision and innovation, and DrsBiopharma excels in both aspects. Their commitment to quality control ensures that every film is reliable, fast-acting, and consistently meets the highest standards of efficacy.


Periyar pannerselvam, MBA (Whales university singapore)

Periyar pannerselvam,Who pursued a B.Pharm degree at MGR University in Tamil Nadu and later earned an MBA from the University of Wales in Singapore, is on a dedicated mission to develop high-quality and affordable medicines. With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, their vision is to make healthcare accessible to all. Their expertise, coupled with a strong commitment to research and development, is driving innovation in the field, ensuring that people worldwide can benefit from effective and reasonably priced medications.